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Good Solar Initiative: Cambodia’s first solar accreditation system The Good Solar Initiative is Cambodia’s first certification and quality control system for solar companies and their products. Together with leading solar experts and international standards setting bodies, this quality standard for solar companies and products in Cambodia was developed. The quality standards encompasses technical standards for... Read more »

Cambodia: Land of OpportunityIrradiationMap

Cambodia’s solar conditions are excellent, even in the rainy season. With one of the lowest electrification rates in the region, there are plenty of opportunities for the sector in un-electrified area’s. In electrified area’s the need for solar solutions exists because of the high electricity prices and the fact that grid supply cannot keep up... Read more »

Getting better policieskruosar-solar-seac-1

One of the reasons for solar enterprises to unite in an association was to have a stronger voice within the energy sector. The Solar Energy Association Cambodia actively seeks communication and co-operation with the Royal Government of Cambodia to help increase energy access for all whilst ensuring environmental sustainability.